It's very hard to write about Delaney Bramlett and his influence on the music world and musicians without sounding like a name dropper. The fact is, it's impossible.

        Delaney's special magic has touched so many whom we have come to regard as our favorites and legends in the Rock and Roll world. Still today, he continues to touch lives and with his new release entitled, "Sounds From Home", he is bound to touch even more. "Sounds From Home" is a thirteen cut CD that shows the musical mastery of the man. He has only gotten better. He is a true living legend in the music world. When people talk about Eric Clapton and Duane Allman it always comes around to Delaney, where the influences are so strong. while sometimes being a mentor to such famous people is hard, it was easy for Delaney. They were friends, too.

        Enjoy reading about the man in a very condensed version and be sure of one thing... there is more to come!

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